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"WHAT IF?" A seed to a great story... 

What began as a fascination with Friday late-night horror and Sci-Fi reruns manifested within his imagination to create “What If…” scenarios.

Fast-forward –

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies with an emphasis in screenwriting from San Francisco State University. His writing opportunities took him on a journey with his hometown’s local PBS television station writing press releases. He had multiple winery reviews published in the California Visitors Review. He was one of the writers for the employment comic book, How to Get a Job and Keep It, produced by the Sonoma County Business and Education Roundtable. One of his most enjoyable writing projects was working alongside historian, Nancy O’Sullivan-Beare, Ph.D. and completed the screenplay, Witch of the Western Sea, which earned an Honorable Mention from the Writer’s Digest Magazine Writing competition.

Though his career took him into the technology field while raising a family, the “What if…” scenarios continued and transformed into stories. Now, those characters desire to reveal themselves to our world, no longer forgotten souls hidden in the shadows of the celestial plane of existence.